Stringing up

Stringing up the instrument, start with the G string, followed by the D, A and finally E string.
  1. Make sure that at every turn of the string on the peg is laid down right next to the previous one. You are progressing towards the pegbox wall.
  2. The last turn should end well off the pegbox wall.
  3. The E string is the last to put on, and the first to unwind as it is the most likely to snap.
  4. Make sure the bridge stays in its upright position, keep checking and readjusting as you are winding up the strings. Otherwise it might fall.
  5. If you are using tuners, put some cloth underneath them to avoid scratching the varnish on the top plate.
  6. After you have tuned all the strings to correct pitches, let the violin rest for a while and check back to re-tune. Especially with a new violin, as everything is settling down, the strings will have to be re-tuned a couple of times before they hold the pitch.

Category: Setup