Shaping the corners

The shapes of the corners must now be reconstructed by hand. They are one of the focus points on the violin and naturally they attract a lot of attention; their proper execution is therefore important.
  1. It is helpful to construct for each corner a guideline by projecting the angle of the original violin corner`s tip towards the centerline at points X1 and X2. These points can then be transferred to the new plate to help project the new corners. See the red dashed lines in Fig. 1.
  2. Mark the tips about 2.5 mm beyond the tip of the rib.
  3. Finish the radii in accord with the original width and general shape of the corners.

    Notice how the distance of the outline from the ribs increases especially with the wider lower corners.

    The newly created corners are depicted in solid red in Fig. 1.

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Comment by Vojtech Blahout
2017-07-07 21:54:48
By applying a straightedge to the original violin. These need not be very precise, they are just guides.