Setup tips

A] The violin is not responsive enough. When played lightly, it does not sound good. It does not "want" to be played lightly.

First lower the pitch. If that helps, consider these:

1. Decrease the string length by moving the bridge forward by say 2mm. This should make the violin more responsive, but may decrease the overall strength of the tone.

2. Increased responsiveness can also be got by the decease of tension in the soundpost, either by moving it a little west, or by shortening it.

3. Increased responsiveness can also be achieved by using thinner strings. As previously mentioned, all this increased responsiveness costs you the strength in the tone.

B] The violin sounds bland, the sound is too soft, lacking strength.

Tighten the strings a semitone higher. If it helps, do the opposite of any of the 1,2,3 suggested above, or a combination of them.

If the tone of the violin is lacking carrying power, 1. Increase the distance between the bridge and the soundpost by moving the soundpost back a little.

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2014-12-08 01:41:23
See the chapter on setup in the Courtnall and Johnson book, which is comprehensive.
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2016-03-09 02:48:48
If the violin sounds tinny move the sound post towards the G string and if the violin sounds too low move the sound post towards the E string. To make the violin sound louder move the sound post closer to the bridge and to make it quieter move the sound post away from the bridge towards the end pin. By move I mean 0.5 to 1 mm.
Comment by Vojtech Blahout
2016-03-09 17:07:36
Good tips, thank you!