Preparing the fingerboard block

This method can be used, when you want to create you fingerboard from scratch. When using a premade fingerboard blank, you can skip this section.
  1. True a suitable block of ebony to get a piece that is approximately 280 x 50 x 15 mm.
  2. Make a centerline "c" on the bottom of the block. See Fig. 1.
  3. Now you need to mark out the outline of the fingerboard "o". Alternatively, take a suitable fingerboard blank, align with the block and mark its outline with a scribe. Highlight the lines with chalk.
  4. At point "x" use a compass to mark the upper arc of the hollow area "h", starting at the distance "d" from the top end of the fingerboard, which is 142 mm. Allow "t" 3 mm for the sides. Again, highlight with chalk.
  5. Saw off the sides, staying about 1 mm outside the lines.
  6. Plane the sides down to the lines making sure the top 24 mm and bottom 42 mm widths are met and that both sides are perpendicular to the bottom.
  7. Using a block plane, create a small concavity along the length of each side of max. 1 mm at the center of the fingerboard. Check with steel ruler.
  8. Make a line on both sidewalls with the height "h" of 6 mm from the bottom, apply chalk. See the side view of the fingerboard in Fig. 1. Use a block plane and plane down the edges to the lines on both sides, see Fig. 2.
  9. Make a template as in Fig. 2. Use that template to achieve the radius with the height "h" of 6 mm at the sides, throughout the length of the fingerboard.
  10. Now is the time to carve out the hollow area "ha" as in Fig. 1. The thickness "t", except in the area of the arch should be about 6 mm, see Fig. 2.
  11. Trim the length of the fingerboard blank to 271 mm.
  12. Make sure the top /24 mm/ and bottom /42 mm/ widths still apply. If not, remove more material from the sides.

You have got your fingerboard blank.

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2018-12-11 16:49:00
I am not following this: "...create a small concavity along the length of each side of max." Can someone explain this? Thanks.