Chamfering the scroll edges

With the general shape of the pegbox and scroll finished it is now time to chamfer the edges.
  1. Check again the scroll and pegbox for errors.
  2. If all flows naturally, chamfer the edges as in Fig. 1 using a file. The red dashed lines denote the angle of the file.

The fluting

Before the the fluting is carved, make sure again that the general outline is flawless. At this point, it is great to have a variety of gouges to choose for different shapes of the fluting. The gouges should have the edges ground in a round shape, like the bottom of the letter U. Again, it is great to have a finished neck at hand for reference.
  1. If necessary remark the center-line from the heel to the end of the volute.

    Look at Fig. 2 to see the directions you should follow when cutting the fluting. These should make the cutting easiest and most efficient with regard to wood grain.
  2. Start at point "a" with a small no. 7 gouge and go down the slope, right next to the chamfer.
  3. When the spade widens make another cut right next to the first one, this time getting close to the centerline.
  4. Using a wider, shallower gouge, unite the two paths.
  5. Continue in the opposite direction from the heel, point "b", and connect to the "a" path. While cutting the "b" path, right at the heel, consult Fig. 3 for how the shape of the fluting looks at the heel.
  6. Continue with the "c" path and connect the "d", starting at the top of the scroll, to it. At points "d and e" it cuts slightly differently as the grain orientation is at right angle to the cuts. Use a small gouge with an edge fitting the fluting groove here.
  7. Start the "f" path and connect it to the "e" path. At "f" the path is again wide enough for two cuts.
  8. The "g" path ends just above the peg box. See Fig. 4 for the shape of the ending.
  9. Repeat all steps on the opposite side of the centerline.
  10. Use scrapers to finish the fluting. Again, follow the grain as when you were cutting.
  11. Redo the chamfer where necessary making sure the outline of the scroll when viewed from all angles remains natural.

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