Create spruce strips 8 x 2 mm. The length can vary but the shortest, of course, must be long enough to fit the C bouts. Make sure the thickness of 2mm is maintained over the whole length. Thicker strips are difficult to bend and thinner are firm enough. Work with the scraper plane you used on the ribs.

Prebend them on your bending iron, forming them into coils.

Cut mortices 2 x 7 x 7 mm into the top, bottom and C bout side blocks. Avoid cutting them into the upper and lower sides of the C bout blocks. Use a knife and a 1.5mm wide chisel.

Check the depth of the mortices using the vernier caliper and cut deeper if necessary.

Put the linings in their places with the use of clothes pins and cut to length.

Glue in using medium thickness glue applied to the linings and mortices only.

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