This varnish is great touch-ups. Should you need to correct anything after your oil varnish has dried, use this spirit varnish.


1. Hot plate preferably thermostatically controlled. {for hot preparation}
2. A pot with something at the bottom to put the jar on. {for hot preparation}
3. Scales.
4. Cloth or pantyhose filter.
5. Glass jar.
6. Small jar.


1. 180gr ground Seedlac.
2. 30gr ground Sandarac.
3. 30gr Elemi.
4. 15ml Spike lavender oil.
5. Spirit

Preparation cold

1. Put all the ingredients in a jar and let dissolve for 2-3 days.
2. Shake occasionally.
3. Decant through a cloth or pantyhose.

Preparation hot

1. Put the Seedlac and Sandarac into the jar.
2. Fill the jar with spirit, just enough to cover the resins. Put on a lid, but don't screw it.
3. Put the jar into the pot.
4. Put the pot on the hot plate.
5. Fill the pot with water as high as the contents of the jar.
6. Turn on the hot plate.
7. Keep the water about 80 degrees for about 1-2 hours. Shake the jar occasionally.
8. When almost all the resins dissolved, turn off the hot plate.
9. Put the Elemi and Spike oil in the small jar and put it on the hot plate.
10. Stir occasionally until the Elemi dissolves.
11. Pour the warm Elemi/Oil solution into the warm Seedlac/Sandrac solution.
12. Decant through a cloth or pantyhose.

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